We get to know your business inside-out and back-to-front so that all marketing activities can be done to support your overall business goals.
services rendered:
strategy  |  mentorship  |  development  |  creative
JSB Lighting was the go-to Lighting Company for beautiful architectural lighting pieces for both residential and commercial projects. They worked with some of the industry’s most respected players to deliver best-in-class projects and service.
Due to significant business disruption, JSB Lighting had to rethink their entire business in order to create a sustainable future.
We rolled up our sleeves with this one! We kicked things off with an all-in Team Workshop to understand the varying challenges, perspectives and grievances across the business. From there, we structured a short-term plan of attack that was designed to help stabilise the business or “triage the patient” so to speak. Once our short-term plan was completed, we progressed onto longer-term business growth activities that positioned the business for success.
  • Create an over-arching business strategy that addresses short-term business challenges, while establishing a pathway for long-term success
  • Map out business priorities and areas of focus for four key business verticals
  • Re-position brand to appeal to a broader audience as the industry saw a shift between influencers and decision-makers
  • Plan and execute calendar of activity for all communication channels ensuring a mix of messages that resonate across diverse customer types
  • Improve digital footprint and online visibility
  • Established a Leadership Team with shared ownership of revised business strategy, and execution priorities
  • Increase in engagement through clear and consistent messaging across online and offline communication channels
Services Utilised:
  • Business Strategy
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Communications Plan and Execution
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development
  • Content Creation

The CSDC Team became an extension of the JSB Lighting Team. They understood every aspect of our business and therefore could quickly identify both challenges and opportunities. They helped established a new and exciting business strategy, leadership team and creative communications that repositioned the business.

– Anthony Berman, CEO.

Some of the work we did: