We’re dedicated to constantly reviewing and refining our efforts to ensure all activities connect with your clients, customers and staff.
services utilised:
360º feedback  |  surveys  |  testing
We understand that every business investment needs to produce measurable and impactful return on investment. CSDC is dedicated to learning, constantly improving and ensuring that all efforts are structured to deliver results. As your growth partner, we invite you to regularly review our work and approach. As an Agency we too constantly seek feedback from your customers to ensure our activities and work is resonating with them. 
When required we change our approach so that you get the results you’re paying for!
What we measure:
  • Website traffic – user experience, user journeys, abandoned cart, downloads, click-throughs and so much more
  • Social engagement – interactions, responses, audience growth, community engagement
  • Creative – audience responses, audience understanding, appeal
  • Advertising – actions taken, engagement, consideration
How we measure:
  • Current customers – surveys, focus groups, user testing
  • Potential customers – surveys, focus groups, product reviews, comparative testing
  • Competitors – reviews, comparisons

CSDC’s review process provided much comfort in employing them as our Agency. We knew there were tangible measures that would help ensure they delivered the results they promised. We also found the constant feedback useful for improving our internal operations and business practices.  

– Client*

(Name removed due to pending business changes)